All offers in one place to make it as simple as possible. An

If you have any questions, just ask by sending me an email at I am here to help you through any confusion or problem. Everything is very simple ones you understand how it works. Made so I can farm while you order.


I am now shipping to my customers


If you want the news letter or know anybody who might, please let me know by email ikjarval@gmail. com

I need more people to get my news letter, the only way I can reach you. So send me names of anybody you think might be interested, will only put them on the list if they really want it. From then on 'til ever, you will get 1% credit of that persons order every time they order. How is that for a deal? Then I have to remember it or you remind me when I forget, all recorded in the all knowing spreadsheet.


Minimum 10 pounds, maximum 40 pounds for $15 shipping and handling

Minimum 10 pounds to keep it frozen. Will have dry ice but should all be gone by the time you get the box. 

Next delivery to the Big Apple Oct. 27th, 2019.

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Here we can say what's on our mind.

We say what we mean and mean what we say.


We all have to eat!

Next delivery to the big Apple Oct. 27th, 2019

About Us

We are about

Raising meat animals as naturally as we can.

All our animals are outside

The cattle and sheep are 100% grass fed. The pigs pastured and high percentige of their feed hay.

The cattle is outside year round.

The sheep are housed in middle of winter. Grazed in summer and outside as much as possible. 100% grass fed, meaning hay during winter, no grain. 


Send us a line.

Our customers are mostly in New York City.

We need our customers to know what we are, a working farm committed to get wholesome meat to our customers as efficiently as we can.  We are three hours from the Big Apple and try to have a twice montthly delivery scedule. You can not really get more local and direct than that.

Spring Lake Farm

332 Hayes Road, Delhi, NY 13753, US

If you have any questions, just ask them.


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