We process the sheep on the farm.

Meaning, we have to meet specific legal requirements.

You have to buy the lamb or your part of it before it is processed. The whole lamb and everything belonging to it has to be sold to a  specific person before  being processed.

Ones your are the recorded owner.

The lamb or sheep is then processed on the farm on your behalf. Every bag will have a "Not for sale"  label on it.

If you have any questions just ask by sending me an email at ikjarval@gmail.com

Quite simple but important to do it in that order.

Therefore you can not get the weight of the meat or the parts you bid on before hand.

It is important you try to learn how to do this on the spreadsheet, makes every thing so much easier and simpler for me.

Also ii if you want for example the head, the feet or the blood,  you can of course  bid on the items from all the lambs in the auction

This time I am separating the stomachs from the guts, the stomachs thought more for human consumption, the guts and lungs more as animal food. But you can of course do anything you  want, yours.

The parts not sold in the auction when they are processed will have to be thrown away, that is the way the law works

Ones all lambs in this auction have owners, I process them and work on getting  to you, what is yours.

Lamb and sheep